Your humble narrator

Your humble narrator

About Greg Gutbezahl

Photography and Rock'n'Roll have gone hand in hand since Louis Jordan first barrelled out the jumpin' jivin' rhythms that shook teens out of their seats.

Having moved to New York City in 1981, too late for punk, but just in time for hardcore, no wave, the lively garage rock scene, and MTV, Greg took his camera to a few shows at first, and later to every show he could sneak a camera into.

Besides photography, Greg also creates vinyl and CD sleeves, posters, and random other detritus. 

Feel free to drop a line and say hello, or get in touch to have him take pictures at your next gig. Thanks for visiting.

THANK YOUS: First and foremost, all of the bands, who have been very enthusiastic and cooperative. Concert promoter David Greenfield (DJ Sid Presley) cannot be thanked enough for his support. Special shout outs to James Lowe (Electric Prunes), Jimy Sohns (Shadows of Knight) and Conor Mahoney, Paul Martin (Vipers), Chris Such, Jeff Cuyubamba, Michael Stark (House Pets, Stinky and the Skunks), Trey Kay, Melissa Rose and Matt Diehl (Sellwoods), Ken Anderson and Rebecca Hall (Hungrytown), Mari Tamura, The Knights of Trash, and YOU, for taking the time to visit this site and take in the photos. Thanks.